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icons of comedians

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All Members , Moderated
Post icons/request icons of stand up comedians, funny actors, funny tv show hosts, movies etc.

  • If you're doing a fake lj cut please have atleast 3 icons that have to do with this community in that post. Otherwise just post those icons, we don't need to see all the other ones.

  • When you're requesting an icon please post links to pictures (if the comedian, or show isn't very popular), it gets your icons done much quicker!

  • If you're posting lots of icons please put 3 as teasers and put the rest behind a lj cut.

  • If you want to plug your community put it in the same post as your icons, or request. The community MUST have something to do with ours. If you make posts JUST for your community, with no icons it'll be deleted. Posting it again will get you banned.

  • You may post graphic, headers, and layouts but they MUST have something to do with this community.